Metal Wheelchair Ramp Installed in Massachusetts

We recently completed a project with a leading construction management and general contracting company with offices located throughout the east coast. The company was contracted for a project by Brandeis University which is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. One aspect of the project was to create ADA compliant access for one of the buildings on the University’s campus. There were existing concrete steps and an existing rock retaining wall that Brandeis University wanted to keep, so it was challenging to design a modular ramp that could maneuver around these structures. However, with precise measurements provided by the contractors and our engineers’ experience and design capabilities, we were able to construct a metal wheelchair ramp that fit perfectly within the designated area. There was minor reconstruction of the rock retaining wall, but ultimately it remained in tact and in its original formation.

Site images from Brandeis University

Using the contractor's accurate measurements, we were able to design a wheelchair ramp to fit within the space outlined by the rock retaining wall. The rock borders our ramp, and the ramp makes a 180 degree turn with the wall.
The concrete landing that is connected to the entrance now leads into our ADA aluminum ramp and the existing concrete steps. Our ramp slopes downward from here and follows alongside the brick wall. It then makes a 180 degree turn followed by a 90 degree turn that ends adjacent to the concrete steps.

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